Tim Pierce Signature Overdrive Pedal from J. Rockett Audio

Tim Pierce Signature Rockett Overdrive

I’m very excited, the folks at Rockett Pedals have designed a dual overdrive pedal with my name on it!!!

The pedal has two stages. The first stage is called power amp, it has one knob and is designed to emulate the power section of one of my lifetime favorite amplifiers – the Naylor SuperDrive 60. The second stage is a four knob distortion pedal, with enough tonal variation to enable the guitarist to find the “sweet spot”, no matter or what guitar and amp he or she is using. I just did a video that demonstrates the pedal which you can see below. I deliberately set the amp to a very uninspired tone, basically about one on my divided by 13. This was on purpose to demonstrate the pedal, and force it to do all the work. I have found in general, that overdrive pedals tend to blossom more, and sound better with single coil pickups. But, in general single coil pickups sound more open and offer more dynamic expression than humbucking pickups. This pedal seems to really open up and also offer many more tonal variations with pickups like single coil fenders, P90s, and the Gretsch style pickups. That being said, I use my Les Paul in the video demonstration and the tones are great!! I wanted to offer many thanks to everyone at J. Rockett Audio…… Please check out the video hope you like it!!!!

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9 thoughts on “Tim Pierce Signature Rockett Overdrive

  1. Rob Rueber

    I haven’t had a chance to play this pedal, but I’m really interested based on what I have heard. The videos I have listened to seem to have more low and low mid tonalities. I like using quite a bit of highs (not ice-picky)combined with strong bottom end. Does the pedal also put out strong highs?

    Love your videos! – really helpful
    Rob Rueber

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Rob yes I believe the pedal has lots of top end…but there are many good products out there I would suggest trying everything you can get your hands on…I am a fan of the Nobles ODR one also…it’s very affordable and the reissue is quite good….
      That being said my pedal is very popular and I’m proud of it!!:-) Tim

  2. Martin

    Hey Tim!
    I already posted this on your Youtube channel when I was in the honeymoon phase with this pedal. Now, almost a year later, it’s still on my pedalboard and my go to drive for all kinds of styles and different bands. Really like it and it still is one of the best, if not THE best overdrive pedal I ever played ;).

  3. Yusri azam

    Hi tim

    I bought a nobles ODR… Just because i saw in a picture that u using that pedal:) for me its expensive due to currency.
    Currently i digging your guitar playing:) thanks for the good lesson in the you tube.

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