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Little Wing Jimi Hendrix Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

Little Wing Jimi Hendrix Guitar Lesson

This Free Online Guitar Lesson is with Jimi Hendrix‘s Little Wing. Little Wing is burned into most of us guitar players. I realize that I had not been playing it exactly the right way for the last 30 years 🙂 So, I learned it in a manner much closer to the original. But even after learning it, my hands were too small to actually play it correctly in some ways. I think the thing to do in this situation is make it your own because his feel is so profoundly loose and great at the same time, it’s really always a bit out of reach. For the Little Wing solo after the intro I just did my own thing. I have an original Octavia, made by Tycobrahe. I always loved that octave fuzz sound that he got that almost sounds like a ring modulator. There are so many good reissues of the original Octavia, I don’t think an old one is necessary anymore. In particular the white Octavio by Dunlop is supposed to be amazing. Once again, I use my Nash Strat with Lollar Pickups, and just a hair of distortion on the amp, not much. Hope you enjoy this Little Wing video as much as I did making it!! I probably played the intro 100 times before I attempted to film it… 🙂 Sign up to the newsletter to get access to more private videos incl. an extra video with the solo from the video. Please leave any comments you may have and I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy! Subscribe to Tim’s newsletter and get access to a private collection of videos and more. There are lots of lessons on soloing, a beginner strumming video, at a studio tour where you can explore the secrets of getting…