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Led Zeppelin Style Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce Marty Schwartz Guitarjamz

Led Zeppelin Style Guitar Lesson

I paid a visit to Marty Schwartz the other day, and one of the films we made was of a Led Zeppelin inspired riff. The idea was to tune your guitar down to drop D, play the riff on one string quietly and then play the same riff on three strings in a loud way. One of the things it always amazed me about early Led Zeppelin is that the guitar sounds are basically very clean. You come away with an impression of a very heavy sound but it’s really a clean guitar laying on top of very aggressive […]

Tim Pierce Free Online Guitar Lesson How To Play Double Stops Rhythm Guitar

Double Stops Rhythm Technique Guitar Lesson

In this Free Online Guitar Lesson I teach you how to play John Mayer inspired Double Stops and Rhythm Technique. I did this guitar video lesson with my friend Marty Schwartz from www.guitarjamz.com. This is an intermediate guitar lesson where I teach some nice R&B / Motown Double Stops ala Steve Cropper, David T. Walker in the key of G. I play most with my fingers but you can also use a pick. I also incorporate Hammer On / Pull Offs, Sliding, Barring and more. Please leave any comments you may have and I look forward to hearing from […]