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Tim Pierce, Paul Reed Smith and Brent Mason

PRS Experience 2013

At PRS last month, I was fortunate to be involved in the yearly open house that Paul Reed Smith holds  for his customers, clients, fans, and friends and family. He calls it ” Experience PRS”. Paul had invited me three years in a row, but the first two years I could not come, because I was working one year on a new Shinedown record, then last year on a new Josh Groban record. I was very impressed, from the moment I got there. It’s a very large event and this year it was attended by 3000 people a day. He has concerts going on constantly in three different tents. The factory is open, and you can tour the facility and talk to all the employees. The building is so large, you would think twice before walking all the way around it. I got a real sense, during my three-day visit, that this is a shining example of what an American Company should be. You could tell that every single employee felt like they were part of a big family, and that everybody’s prosperity and well-being  were interdependent. Watching Paul interact with his people confirm this….. He treats them like family. The amazing thing for me, was that I was one of maybe 12 or 15 guitar players, I can do you honestly, that they all had more skill and ability than I do. I got up and performed, and held my own quite well, but it’s very humbling to see how many great players there are!!! I made friends with Brent Mason, and when he picks up the guitar, he is simply dazzling, a virtuoso. Most of what we did is available on YouTube, and my hope is that I can practice, become a better guitar player, and he asked back next year so that I can be part of this amazing event one more time….

PRS HXDA Guitar Amps

PRS HXDA Guitar Amps

PRS HXDA Guitar Amps. PRS HXDA Amps – I haven’t known Paul Reed Smith that long, but we have become great friends. I invited him to a session three or four years ago, and he was so excited about the process of recording here in LA that we instantly started a dialogue and discussing instruments and amps. I had bought and sold a few PRS guitars in my time, and I was familiar with the products, how playable they were and how well they stayed in tune. He was embarking on a new mission to make the best sounding Paul Reed Smith’s ever made. Part of that process was the development of the PRS signature guitar. About a year later he started showing up here on the West Coast with amplifiers. The PRS HXDA amplifiers I’m demonstrating in this video are both modeled after a Marshall amp that he borrowed, that was actually owned by Duane Allman. Both of these PRS HDXA amplifiers sound identical to late 60s Vintage Marshalls. I personally find the PRS HXDA 100 W a little more useful because it has a tighter and more held together bottom end. But, the PRS HXDA 50 W also sounds great and once again, identical to the Duane Allman Marshall that it was patterned after. The PRS HXDA amps have a switch that theoretically transforms them from a Duane Allman Marshall to a Jimi Hendrix Marshall. For me using a Stratocaster on the neck pick up does the trick for Hendrix, and of course using a Gibson Les Paul does the trick for the Duane Allman sound. I turned on the PRS HXDA 100 W just the other day, and it sounded even better than I remembered the last time I turned it on. That’s a good sign!! Subscribe to Tim’s newsletter and get…