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Blues Rock Guitar Soling over Chord Changes Tim Pierce Papastache

Blues Rock Guitar Soloing Over Chord Changes

Blues Rock Guitar Soloing Over Chord Changes – with Brett Papa. Here’s a video about Blues Rock Guitar Soloing over Chord Changes with Brett Papa and myself playing a pair of killer GJ2 Guitars. The guitars were loaned to me for a few weeks by Grover Jackson himself! Grover Jackson is a guitar making legend and his new company is making the best guitars of his career. In this video I demonstrate my approach to playing Major Pentatonic Guitar Soloing over Rock Chord Changes. I learned this kind of playing from my LP collection of the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd […]

How To Solo Over Chord Changes Part 1 Tim Pierce Papastache

How to Solo over Chord Changes Part 1

How to Solo over Chord Changes Part 1 is another video I did with Brett Papa. We are having more and more fun doing these videos such as this How to Solo over Chord Changes Part 1! I brought my Nash Strat, and we both plugged in at low-volume to Brett’s two Divided by 13 amps. The demonstration here on How to Solo over Chord Changes was how to play E major over Blues Rock changes going from E major to A major and then switch to The key of E minor, when the chords changed to C and D. I […]

Tim Pierce Guitar Solo Lesson Marty Schwartz Guitar Jamz

Guitar Solo Lesson Playing Up The Neck

This is a Free Online Guitar Solo Lesson I did with Marty Schwartz from www.guitarjamz.com where I teach how to play up the fretboard using the Pentatonic Scale. This is an Intermediate Guitar Solo Lesson and a little bit of knowledge with the Pentatonic Scale is necessary. In the video I use the Ami Pentatonic Scale and I teach you how to play guitar solo all over the fretboard. Please leave any comments you may have and I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy! I also have more lessons on my Lessons Playlist: You can find more videos […]

Free Online Blues Guitar Lesson 1 Tim Pierce Papastache

Blues Guitar Lesson Soloing Over Chords 1

Here’s my first free online blues guitar lesson I did with Brett from Papastache.com I teach you how to improvise and how to play over a progression that goes: E – G# – C#mi – F# – B – A – E using scales and arpeggios. There are some scale changes that happens as the G# and F# sub-dominants and changes some of the notes in the scale. We incorporate Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales in various ways to fit over the chords. This is an intermediate level guitar lesson to learn to play blues and solo. Enjoy and […]