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Eddie Kramer Tim Pierce Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

Eddie Kramer Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

Eddie Kramer came over for a visit and brought his Edstortion and PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals. Eddie Kramer brought his new Signature Stompbox Guitar Pedals over to my studio recently. He and his partner, Francesco Sondelli, who is the founder of F-pedals, are creating some great new products. The two pedals I tried were the Phazevibe and the Edstortion. I used my Nash Stratocaster, through my Divided by 13 RSA 23 head, recording through an SM 57 microphone. The mic went straight into a BAE mic pre and then through Apogee converters and into ProTools Eddie Kramer is a very […]


September 24, 2014

Hello everybody and thanks so much for joining the website and subscribing to the newsletter!! We are giving away one of my Tim Pierce Overdrive Pedals!

Simply pull up my “Pharrell Williams Happy” video on YouTube (link below) – leave a comment in the comments section for the video (on YouTube) then click the Share Button and the Facebook icon – and you are automatically entered in the giveaway for a Tim Pierce Overdrive Pedal by J. Rockett Audio! The winner will be chosen from a random comment! Contest ends October 10th, 2014. I didn’t realize when I started out but, it turns out one of the greatest joys of doing these videos, is getting comments on YouTube. The “Happy” video is a little different for me. I broke away from classic rock for a second, and taught a lesson on the song “Happy” which was one of my favorite songs from last year. I also tried something else new and made it a dual lesson for both beginners and intermediate players. So I wanted to thank you all again for your support! See you soon and good luck! šŸ™‚ Tim…

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Tim Pierce Guitar Tone, Amps, Gear with Brett from Papastache

Guitar Tone On A Budget

Here’s a video I did with Brett from Papastache.com where I talk about some of my Guitar Amps and Guitar Tone. We go through some of my amps and pedals such as my Wizard and Diezel Amp, and some of my Delay, Reverb, and Fuzz pedals and more. I demonstrate playing through them and how to get a good guitar tone. Sign up to the newsletter to get access to more private videos incl. an extra video with the breakdown of the licks I played in the intro. Please leave any comments you may have and I look forward […]

Tim Pierce Signature Overdrive Pedal from J. Rockett Audio

Tim Pierce Signature Rockett Overdrive

I’m very excited, the folks at Rockett Pedals have designed a dual overdrive pedal with my name on it!!! The pedal has two stages. The first stage is called power amp,Ā it has one knob and is designed to emulateĀ the power section of one of my lifetime favorite amplifiers – the Naylor SuperDrive 60. The second stageĀ is a four knob distortion pedal, with enough tonal variation to enable the guitarist to find the “sweet spot”, no matter or what guitar and amp he or she is using. I just did a video that demonstrates the pedal which you can see […]

Vemuram Pedals

Vemuram Guitar Pedals Demo

This is the newest Demo Video with Tim Demonstrating The Vemuram Pedal Line. Vemuram Pedals is a Japanese Company that is 100% hand built. Tim shows current 4 Vemuram pedals – The Karen, Jan Ray, Neoplex and Rage e. Vemuram Karen This has Marshall written all over it. Really nice and tight overdrive, without all the compression. Very harmonically rich as you turn the gain up. Think 50 watt Plexi/JTM 45 sounds. Vemuram Jan Ray This is my personal favorite. It sounds and reacts like a turned up blackface Fender amp. More specifically, a Super Reverb. This is a […]