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Back In Black Guitar Lesson

Back in Black is one of my all-time favorites, it was originally recorded in 1980. [alert type=”info”] Make sure to click the D’Addario banner below and check out their Flip Tuner![/alert] Amazingly it still sounds modern, and I think that’s because everything is simple, no gimmicks. In the 80s so many guitar players drenched their sounds with effects, me included..!! But the sounds that stand the test of time are generally pure guitar and amp sounds, I believe AC/DC always kept it pure. For Back In Black, I try to hit the guitar in a particular way with my right hand. I would describe it as a light touch but a strong snap from the wrist. It’s the same technique that probably works best for golf or tennis. The bridge riff section is actually incredibly hard to play, it’s a great exercise! Definitely check the original recording out on headphones so you hear the incredible power of one guitar on the right and one guitar on the left. I learned that these guitars were recorded with Neumann U67 and U87 microphones. The amps were simple Vintage Marshalls with 412 cabinets. The thing that blew me away is that I learned that Angus Young recorded his guitar wireless in the studio with the legendary Shaffer-Vega Diversity System. They liked the way the wireless system colored the mid range. There is a reissue of that system called the Schaffer Replica. To access the Back In Black Extra Video please Signup for the Newsletter below. Also, as a thank you to all the people that have become members of this site there is a Back in Black Outtakes Video and Jam Track Available! The Back in Black Outtakes Video contains various Solos I recorded, and the content will be available below when you…