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Crossroads Cream Cover Free Online Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

Crossroads Cream Guitar Lesson

Crossroads was recorded by Eric Clapton and Cream in 1968 when I was 10 years old. I started dreaming of the guitar around then, and I didn’t start playing till age 12. By the time I was 14 I was playing whatever version of crossroads I could muster. Once again I have to thank Steve Maase for being probably the greatest guitar teacher in the world. We were and still are lucky to have Steve in Albuquerque New Mexico. For this version of Crossroads I used a BAE DMP Mic Pre. You can see it in the background while I’m playing. The DMP is a simple, affordable Neve style mic pre. Honestly I think the BAE microphone preamps, sound just like the original vintage Neves, but with a little better top end and are a little more open sounding. I used a Gibson ES 335 that is not special in any way, it was produced in the 80s. It has stock pick ups and for this video I put 9’s on so I could stretch the strings easily. As usual it’s the divided by 13 RSA 23 with a Bob Bradshaw Dunlop boost in front of it. The Dunlop boost is essentially an improved microamp. There is a¬†Crossroads Extra Video available to anyone who signs up for the newsletter! Also, as a thank you to all the people that have become members of this site there is a Crossroads Outtakes Video and Jam Track Available! In the Crossroads Outtakes video, I show how I do create a written outline for the solo with a certain sections that stay the same and in other sections that are open for improvisation. The content will be available below when you are signed in. Thanks for all your support and I hope you enjoy…