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Black Dog Led Zeppelin Guitar Lesson

Here’s a guitar lesson on Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. The solo is in a blues rock style, the foundation of my lead playing. My research told me some amazing things. Jimmy Page was not using a guitar amplifier. Andy Johns had him plug into a pair of 1176 compressors in series, and distorted the mic pre and the compressors before going to tape. Each guitar line is tripled, and it all makes sense when you hear it. It sounds so impossibly grungy and wrong in that singularly Jimmy Page sort of way. And from SoundFacts.com: Black Dog was written around a riff John Paul Jones brought in, something that he says was inspired by the Muddy Waters album “Electric Mud”. Black dog is deceptively complex…The notion that Jones made a challenging arrangement to discourage cover bands from playing it is just a myth. The title refers to a black labrador that wandered the area of Headly Grange, a mansion in Hampshire England where Led Zeppelin four was recorded. A big thank you to all you site members and subscribers… Thanks for watching, ENJOY, Tim