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All Along The Watchtower Jimi Hendrix Solo Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

All Along The Watchtower Solo Guitar Lesson Jimi Hendrix

All Along The Watchtower Solo Guitar Lesson Jimi Hendrix. Here’s a super short free online guitar lesson where, I teach how to play my favorite solo lick from All Along the Watchtower. Then I immediately blast into my own solo that is very heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix. I’m using my Bill Nash Stratocaster with Lollar Pickups, and I have a little delay going from my Eventide Eclipse. As usual I’m using the Custom Audio Electronics Dunlop Boost/Line Driver Pedal into my Divided by 13 RSA 23. I made a little backing track with some acoustic guitars panned hard left and right, and I then tripled the acoustic part with my old Guild 12 string panned up the middle. That made it sound a little more like the original record, where the 12 string acoustic is heavily represented. To access the All Along The Watchtower Extra Video free lesson, please Signup for the Newsletter below. Also, as a thank you to all the people that have become members of this site there is an All Along The Watchtower Solos Outtakes Video Available! The content will be available below when you are signed in. Hope you like it! [protect] [/protect] Subscribe to Tim’s newsletter and get access to a private collection of videos and more. There are lots of lessons on soloing, a beginner strumming video, at a studio tour where you can explore the secrets of getting great sounds! Yes! Please sign me up!