Session Guitarist Tim Pierce Home Studio

Session Guitarist Tim Pierce Home Studio

Session Guitarist Tim Pierce and his Home Studio Setup.

I look back on this Home Studio Video and I’m amazed how much time has passed, but I am also grateful for what I’ve been able to do on YouTube in the last year and a half. This was the first day I ever met Marty Schwartz. I had known Brett Papa and Brett convinced Marty to make the drive up here and do a Home Studio Video for YouTube. Marty and Brett were heroes of mine on YouTube and the fact that I made friends with them was sort of a dream come true. They have both helped me a lot. My Home Studio is a ready to go at a moments notice. It’s as simple as starting a car. When someone shows up to record we can easily be working within 5 to 10 minutes. I’m fortunate to have people like Ross Hogarth, Chris Lord-Algae, Glen Ballard, Jack Joseph Puig, Humberto Gatica and many other studio professionals come and record at my Home Studio. A lot of the gear is interchangeable these days. It seems like pedal and amp and guitar makers are all at such a high level at this point, that you can use a new Strat or a custom boutique Strat, a Boss or Strymon effect pedal or an old Bassman or a new Paul Reed Smith amp. All these things sound great whether they be vintage or modern. The Home Studio changes all the time and best thing to do is look at my newest videos to see what is currently on deck. I’m really looking forward to learning the Kemper profiler this year, and as always, my signature overdrive and boost pedal by J. Rockett Audio, is always patched in. I was using the Cali 176 Compressor in this video. It was on loan to me and I wish I kept it and bought it. Hope you enjoyed a look at my first meeting with Marty Schwartz, we all had a lot of fun!

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8 thoughts on “Session Guitarist Tim Pierce Home Studio

  1. Rusty

    So you have a Kemper? I’m hoping I ask a question millions of adoring fans would like to know: Have you tried an AxeFX?

    I’m building my studio. I have an excellent amp (plus a few others) and a decent pedal board. My teacher is a huge fan of the AxeFX and I’ve been using amp plugins for my home recordings. As I spec out and budget for my home studio build, this is the one component that I’m still unsure of. Will I gain anything by keeping the analog amplifier chain?

    I don’t have the space to track drums so I’m going to be in a small room miking vocals and acoustic guitar. I do have space to build an iso box for my cabinet. The million dollar question: should I?

    I understand this question has a different answer for different people so, Tim, what do YOU think?

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Yes, Tim owned the Axe FX and he loved it! He sold it when Kemper made him an Endorsee.

      Analog amps sound great, nothing can replace that sound, and if you have the room to mic and set up the Amp it’s worth it.
      That being said, the beauty of a Kemper or an Axe FX is that you have literally thousands of amps to choose from and they model them very very well.


  2. justjoe

    What a pleasure it has been to watch some of Tim’s videos. So thankful for Tim to share all this knowledge and put some sense to playing guitar and producing guitar sounds that fit the needs of the music business.

  3. Steve

    How does Tim choose which guitars to take if there isn’t a clear expectation in terms of the song (e.g. a Les Paul for a Led Zep cover or an SG for an AC/DC cover) or a request from the producer (e.g. I want you to bring a strat and a tele)? I see he has a few Les Pauls and a few more guitars that have a similiar construction to Les Pauls but do they all sound similar? Or are there nuances that we’re not aware of ?

  4. Shane

    Hi Tim, awesome setup. Your guitar work is incredible, especially your work on Rick Springfield’s records and on Bon Jovi’s Runaway. I was wondering if you could tell me the pedals you used on the song Runaway. On the record or from the video lesson on papastache’s channel. You’re a great teacher!

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