Session Guitar Lesson 3 with Tim Pierce

Session Guitar Recording Lesson 3

Session Guitar Lesson 3 with Taylor Mesple.

Session Guitar Lesson 3 is a song with a great artist named Taylor Mesple. Taylor plays wicked keyboards and great guitar. He sings great and is an excellent songwriter. He and his family also own Wildwood Guitars in Louisville, Colorado. This very friendly music store is an amazing source for instruments and instrument repair. Our track features Abe Laboriel and Mel Brown on drums and bass. They helped create a very inspired foundation!
Wildwood Spec Les Paul

Wildwood Spec Les Paul

In this Session Guitar video I am playing the Wildwood Spec Les Paul among others. There are many different rhythm parts which also include Whammy sections and slide guitar. I will demonstrate the use of backward guitar with Pro Tools and play a part with an Epiphone Wilshire through a Ventilator Leslie pedal. The unique challenge with this track, was because Abe and Mel were playing so ferociously and sort of on the busy side, it limited me to a simpler approach. What I do is always about simplicity anyway, so I’m used to these kinds of challenges. I chose a number of guitars, and did pretty simple parts, that allowed for different colors and flavors that came from the sound pallet rather than from a lot of notes. Abe Laboriel Jr. and Mel Brown both played very active drum and bass parts, respectively. The high activity in the rhythm section compelled me to keep my approach simple. This is the last of three videos for the online magazine Pure Guitar. Pure Guitar was a venture created by the original Guitar Player Magazine staff, Incl. Jas Obrecht  and Tom Wheeler. Those were the names that I saw in every guitar player magazine growing up dreaming about being a professional guitar player, so to work with them was kind of a dream come true. They lost their backing after the third issue, but I was grateful to be part of it and now they are both great friends of mine. I have included the Jam Track from this video for the members of this site 🙂 Please feel free to post any comments below and hope you enjoy this third Session Guitar Lesson! [custom_headline type=”center” level=”h3″ looks_like=”h3″]Session Guitar Lesson 3 Jam Track.[/custom_headline] [protect] [/protect]

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6 thoughts on “Session Guitar Recording Lesson 3

  1. Joe Taylor

    That was awesome, Tim! Thank you so much for sharing that and thank you to Taylor for sharing the jam track; I love that song. Dang! That bass player is freakin’ awesome! I love that! I could (and will) play for hours over that. Apparently I’ve been listening to your guitar playing most of my life and never realized it. Please keep sharing your gift. I always look forward to your posts.

  2. Mike Petrich

    Nice, love how the backward guitar part and the high octave with the ovation really added depth and supplementary ‘hook’ to the tune. Really great approach. Lead was killer as always really clear for lespaul neck. What amp and pedal combo?

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