Session Guitar Recording Lesson 1 with Tim Pierce

Session Guitar Recording Lesson 1

Session Guitar Recording Lesson 1

In this Session Guitar Recording Lesson 1 I demonstrate layering parts on a song and then take a couple solos for fun. The guitars you’ll see are a Bill Nash Strat, Fano Firebird, PRS signature, Epiphone Casino, Tuttle Carvetop, and The Duesenberg Mike Campbell model, which made it on film for a nanosecond. I only used one pedal, an MXR CAE boost pedal – it’s like a micro amp. One amp was used for Session Guitar Recording Lesson 1, a Divided By 13 RSA 23. Two microphones were on one Celestion Vintage 30 speaker of the 412 cabinet. These mics were the industry standard Shure SM 57 and Royer 121. The 57 went through a Vintage 1084 Neve Mic Preamp, and the Royer 121 through an AEA Ribbon Mic Preamp. Both mic preamps blended into ProTools through a Chandler Discrete Line Mixer. My delays came from an Eventide Eclipse Processor. That’s it for Session Guitar Recording Lesson 1! See you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Session Guitar Recording Lesson 1

  1. Robert Landeros

    Hi Tim, I’m really enjoying your site. You’re a wonderful player. I noticed in your “Session Guitar Lessons” you don’t wear headphones when you do your overdubs. Is this typically how you like to work? Thanks!

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Hi Robert. One of the things I like best about overdubbing electric guitar is – I don’t have to use head phones. I hate using head phones while I work, but I have to use them when recording Acoustic Guitars. Thanks!

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