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Richard Page Session Guitar Recording

Last week I was honored to have a long time friend over – Richard Page needed guitar overdubs for some new songs.

These days Richard Page writes a lot, and also tours with Ringo Starr every year.

Richard Page and Tim Pierce in a recording session.

Long ago when Steve Farris left Mr. Mister, I auditioned for the band and almost got the job πŸ™‚ I was very disappointed at the time, and Buzz Feiten got the gig. A few weeks later, I joined Patrick Leonard‘s band Toy Matinee. TheΒ Toy Matinee record ended up being one of the best projects I’ve ever done. In another twist of fate, Richard Page replaced Kevin Gilbert as Pat’s partner on the secondΒ Toy Matinee record – that band was called Third Matinee. Once again I almost made the cut – I think I ended up on one song but another good friend and fine guitarist James Harrah was chosen instead – he played beautifully and did most of the record. Richard has always been one of my lifetime favorite singers and songwriters. Richard told me that his gig with Ringo is incredibly fun. The band right now is Gregg Bissonette, Steve Lukather, Greg Rolie and Richard Page – They Β tour every summer. I was a fan of Richard’s first band called Pages and have worked with them sporadically on recording projects over the years. Most people know him from the huge hit he had ‘Broken Wings’.

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26 thoughts on “Richard Page Session Guitar Recording

  1. Luis

    Wow!! Amazingly inspiring! So many colors, such vivid and refreshing parts you lay down on each of those tracks and each of them have their own character and would never sound to me like the same guitarist played all of them… It is incredible the work you do:-)
    I have a question: Can you briefly describe your workflow or thought process when you approach layering parts? Like, starting out with your basic tracks and then adding more embellishments, fills etc… I know this could be a very subjective topic to talk about, and I’m sure you don’t follow the same for every song at hand, but still, I thought it would be interesting to learn about (as I mentioned) how you go about it! God bless!!

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Hi Luis.

      I appreciate your question so much but I just can’t come up with an answer the best way is probably to look at the videos which is probably the best insight into my process.



      1. Luis

        Makes sense! I’ll keep watching your videos, they are like master classes for sure!!! Thanks for your reply, and of course… for all you do πŸ™‚

  2. Phil Short

    Hi Tim
    Another eye opener. Such versatility, such an inspiration. Would love to know what makes you tick? No matter what i see you recording you have a passion for the music and the song. The white Nile Rogers on the Dan Chase dance track, the Dan Huff on this one. You are such an inspiration, if only the current (modern day) musicians showed such passion!
    Look forward to the next clip with anticipation Tim. Thanks again.

  3. Tom Gioia


    Smokin’ ! Really great- every new video inspires and sends me right to the woodshed !

    Plus Richard is a fantastic singer songwriter , his solo record ” Shelter Me ” is one of my all time favs. Thanks again can’t wait for the next one my friend.

  4. Rob Henley

    Thanks so much for posting these videos, and giving your fellow musicians a bird’s eye view of the magic in the moment! These Richard Page tracks are great! I really enjoy getting to see the recording schedule you post as well.

  5. Tadpole

    Coolness, Tim; and some really great bands, albums, and artists mentioned in your post. I’d love to hear some of your recommendations regarding unsung artists/records, or maybe a shortlist of your must-hear records, past and present. Maybe a dedicated forum page for others to list cool recommendations?

  6. dave michaels

    Thanks for sharing, Tim. It’s great fun watching you work. Quick question – you have a bunch of different equipment (amps, effects, etc.) – how do you choose which to use on any particular recording?

  7. Robbie

    Tim, thanks for showing such great playing on fantastic songs. Glad Richard is still doin it. I know that inexpensive Fernandez Sustainiac guitar has paid for itself many times over. You use it so creatively. I love it. For me, its an Ebow & a slide. Maybe I can get 5 more Ebows:) Anyway you did a fantastic job & did some really nice country pickin. Take care & keep them coming. Peace, Robbie

  8. William

    VERY cool. Can’t wait to hear the finished product. Two of my fave musicians on the same album. Never would have thought it might happen! Right on!

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