Tim Pierce Rhythm Guitar Concepts Marty Schwarts Free Online Guitar Lesson

Rhythm Guitar Concepts Guitar Lesson

In this Free Online Guitar Lesson I did with Marty Schwartz I talk about Rhythm Guitar Concepts and how to play 16th note strumming.

This is an intermediate guitar lesson and I go through various 16 note rhythms, and how to accentuate specific hits. This is one approach to rhythm guitar concepts in the style of R&B, Rock and Soul Music. Please leave any comments you may have and I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy! I also have more lessons on my Lessons Playlist: You can find more videos as well on Marty’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/guitarjamzdotcom

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6 thoughts on “Rhythm Guitar Concepts Guitar Lesson

  1. Ron Charlton

    Hi Tim!
    I Love this site, and the information you share…thanks a lot!
    How about a video on how you pick tones/amps for a session. And how you pick complementary/contrasting tones for overdubs and additional parts. What makes a tone fit?

  2. Fabian

    Wow i loved this lesson, i always wanted to get into this 16th chacka-chakca strumming technic.
    But what i was sad about, is that you lost out the most interesting part, that would bring a really big step forward in this style of playing…that part would be the technic, that you use at the end of the video. This single note/solo part, played with the rythmic strumming.
    How do you do that, so that it still sounds “in the flow” and not as a new single noted solo part? How do you strumm, get this chord togehter with the line that´s included in the end and what is to mute or do you hit the strings one by one or how?

    I would love to see an part 2 of this video, in which you are explaning these technical part of the very end. Please do that! I never watched lessons on the internet, because i can´t really get into them, but yours are the first one i´m even signed to! 🙂

  3. Dee

    Tim, thanks! I learned from you in less than 8 minutes what I’ve been trying to teach myself for 22 years – rhythm! I’ve checked out many lessons and sites since dial up internet days and this one is by far the most informative and comprehensive. Tim Pierce, you’re a great instructor! Thanks, again!

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