New Blog Post! My Amazing Teacher

Hi everyone, I’m starting a new blog and i’m super excited to share it with you!

My only training as a guitarist was from age 12 to 14, with an amazing teacher named Steve Maase.¬†Here’s a photo of Steve. He passed away on October 1st.


Steve taught me in this small building just a few blocks from my home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


He was not only a teacher but a mentor, and always cared for his students. The teaching was brilliant but he also took the time to make sure that his students were doing ok in all aspects of their lives. Though Steve passed away last October, he had just finished a theory book. In January It will be released by his daughter Lily. She is quite an accomplished guitar player herself and currently resides in New York.

Steve’s simple approach to theory has gotten me very far in my musical life. I basically know just enough theory to understand playing pop, rock ,country, and R&B… ¬† I’ve spent my life working with musicians who are far more educated than I am. If you are wondering how much theory you need to know, please let my path be in inspiration to you. You only need to know what is practical and useful, to play the music you love!!!

For me that was two years of lessons at age 12, and then the ongoing experience of playing with as many musicians as I could, in as many different situations I could find. I’ll let everybody know when Steve’s book comes out in January. The title says it all:

“Music Theory You Can Use”

13 thoughts on “New Blog Post! My Amazing Teacher

  1. Rick

    Hard to believe [in some respects] that you only took lessons for 2 years. Safe to say the investment paid off. With that written, I always got the feeling you played more “old-school” than new. Watching you play and teach, it is easy to see the things you play are from years of knowing what sounds good, rather than theory studying why they would sound good. When I listen to interviews with BB King, I get the same impression. There’s enough theory to explain it a bit, but the discovering that it sounds good came long before why it is so.


  2. Barry

    Hi Tim Steve seemed such a lovely man and must of been so Proud of you on what you have achieved as a Guitar Player and Teacher of the Highest level!I His Memory will, Forever live on through You!! im looking forward to reading his book when Available! Thank you .
    Peace Barry

  3. Eddie

    The mark of a great teacher is not how many students you churn out, but how much knowledge they come out with. Judging by your own great teaching style and knowledge, hats off to your teacher Tim. Be proud though that your are an excellent teacher yourself.

  4. Tim

    Hi Tim,

    I contacted Lily Maase regarding her father’s book release. She told me the book was being laid out in January and will be available for sale in June. Just an update for everyone.


  5. David


    Thank you for sharing this great memory about what a teacher should be. This experience is not so typical and we are blessed to have them!

    Do you know Andy Poling (The Admiral) from ABQ?

    Thank you for the great content and for striving to be a great teacher for all of us!


  6. Kevin

    I was a big fan of Traveller back in in the day and loved listening whenever you played one of our church dances in ABQ. How old were you when you joined/formed the group? The last time I heard Traveller play was in an ABQ bar in the summer of 1978, and then I was out of the country for a couple of years. The next thing I knew, you were on MTV, wearing that bowler hat, in Rick Springfield videos. The rest, as they say, is history.

  7. Mauro nava

    Hey Tim my name is Mauro Nava, and i had the pleasure to have met you in Albuquerque New Mexico many many years ago at the ” Guitar shop” with Bill, and Brian, and i also had the pleasure to have met Steve, and i did not know until now of his passing, that to be quite honest with you it came as a complete shock to me. i also remember your band traveler if i am not mistaken was the name of it, and you used to play some BEATLES tunes. ALL MY LOVING if i am not mistaken. i am so glad and incredible happy for you making with the big boys in LA. Iwill have my son subscribe to your lessons, again i am so proud, and happy for you.

  8. Jerry

    I just received my copy (Feb. 8) of this long awaited book. Steve does a good job of introducing the basics of theory. I think I enjoy the narrative of his experience more than anything else. I agree with Steve, the secret to success is in the interval. Jerry King

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