Melodic Soloing Tips Free Online Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

Melodic Soloing Tips Guitar Lesson

Melodic Soloing Tips is a free online guitar lesson where I talk about Melodic Solo approaches, different Guitar Techniques and Sounds.

In this Melodic Soloing Tips video you can hear some of my main influences are coming out, particularly the Allman Brothers Fillmore East live double record. It was full of the kind of melodic soloing that has become a big part of my DNA. Then in later years Steely Dan and Larry Carlton also were very very important. I’m using my Mike Tuttle Stratocaster. He winds his own pick ups, and I’m using the neck pick up which gives you that Jimi Hendrix throaty rich deep sound. Please leave any comments you may have and I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy! I also have more lessons on my Lessons Playlist: You can find more videos as well on Brett’s YouTube channel at

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10 thoughts on “Melodic Soloing Tips Guitar Lesson

  1. Tom W

    One could work on those three simple ideas (melodic soloing) for a year and not run out of new things to play. This is something every guitar player trying to gain some chops can use. It is always amazing to me when I see comments like “all he does is use the maj/min pentatonic scales”. Those scales and the three ideas you just introduced could make a bluesman sound like he’s been around forever!

    Thanks for this little (limitless) concept. Tom W

  2. patrice

    So great stuf. What you do is so…musical, especially compared to all these shredders who just make some notes diarrheas without any expressivity. Thank you to share the result of such a life experience. It is so inspiring…

  3. Bill Carry

    Fillmore East, yeah, that’s the one. I remember seeing them on that tour. Wanted to say how much fun it is to jam along with you on the solo lessons as the 2nd guitar.

  4. Athan

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the tips and the brilliant work you’re sharing with the rest of us.
    I have a question about tone, specially when using a strat; I can hear in your videos your are using a very archetypal, SRV-like big fat but at the same time shearing and ringing strat tone using the neck PU.
    I watched some gear videos of you plugging into different amps and the tone was more or less similar. It seems to me that there is a certain way to get that tone, like specific EQ settings. If so, would you mind sharing some tips?
    Say I got a blackface-like amp (a boogie) and a vintage-spec’d strat. What should I try? Scoop mids, cranked highs? Fresh 11s on the strat tuned down to Eb?

    I can get close but the mids are a bit rough and take away the sweetness..
    Any help would be much appreciated.


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