Melodic Blues Soloing Papastache Tim Pierce Guitar Lesson

Melodic Blues Soloing Guitar Lesson

Melodic Blues Soloing Guitar Lesson is a free online guitar lesson where I show how to play various melodic guitar ideas.

Brett Papa did some filming the other day at my studio and made this Melodic Blues Soloing video. First he filmed a great song that Warren Huart produced and was written by Scott James. Warren is awesome and he comes over a lot to do guitar overdubs at my studio. After that I found a another nice track on my hard drive and just played melodically over the whole thing. On the first song I am careful to work around the vocal and it is more of a jazz blues sort of thing. The second song is just fun in the style that is probably the closest to my heart, which is a clean-ish Sustained Sound and Melody based Soloing. Hope you enjoy these videos as much as we enjoy making them !!!
I also have more lessons on my Lessons Playlist: You can find more videos as well on Brett’s YouTube channel at

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8 thoughts on “Melodic Blues Soloing Guitar Lesson

  1. Ivan

    Hey there Tim, just finished watching this vid and just wanted to say its just great watching you play, its quite inspirational and refreshing to see someone who is in their element loving what they’re doing, you’re playing and have fun the whole way through.

    Mr T.

  2. Ben Seelig

    Hey Tim, I just want to thank you for these videos! I’ve learned so much and I truly appreciate you sharing these. Is there any chance of you making a video that goes into detail about getting good tone and time feel? I’ve heard you and others talk about finding the sweet-spot on an amp, and I’ve heard you talk about “playing behind the beat”. I find both very interesting but can’t seem to find much info on either on the web. Ben S.

  3. scott galyon

    I know I’ve replied elsewhere but I just gotta say that the second song you did and your great playing reminded me of the outro to Clapton’s Opposites off of There’s One In Every Crowd. Very enjoyable, indeed!

  4. stingpiece

    Great lesson, Tim. Many thanks. I’ve found your site and your playing truly inspiring. Is there any chance of doing a lesson looking at a blues solo over a 1-4-5 progression? Would love to know your approach. There’s so much stuff out there that says use the 1 chord minor scale, use the 1 chord major scale, use both, use minor on the 1 and major on the 4, use 1 chord minor but add target notes from each chord…or to hell with it, just play the scale of each chord. The more I read and watch, the more confusing it gets. Keep up the excellent work!

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