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Mauricio Guerrero Recording Session

Mauricio Guerrero and I both share a history of work with Phil Collins.

Mauricio Guerrero brought over an artist he was producing named Barbara Munoz. The production was pretty amazing with real horns and real strings. The arranger is another friend of mine, Jamie Ciero. His writing for the strings and horns was brilliant. I used a newer Gibson Les Paul that I just purchased. It’s actually not a custom shop or anything but it might be my favorite Les Paul!! As usual I’m using a Divided by 13 and one of my favorite delay pedals, the Line 6 Echo Park. This was a wild track just meant to see what would happen. You can hear the more disciplined guitar parts in the background while I’m playing over the song. Enjoy! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Mauricio Guerrero Recording Session

  1. jim n.

    Tim, thanks for the tip on the echo park pedal in your info on the Mauricio Guerrero Recording Session. I checked out line 6’s demo for it and man you made that demo, that was one of the best demos for a company product I have seen, they couldn’t have picked a better person than you to do that demo you rock!

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