Looking Back / My Part on Black or White / My Day with Michael Jackson

A number of years ago I got to play a guitar part on the song “Black or White” and spend a fine afternoon with Michael Jackson. I had just finished an amazing record with Pat Leonard’s “Toy Matinee” -produced by Bill Bottrell. A few months later Bill was in the studio recording, producing and co- writing the song “Black or White” with Michael Jackson.

Among his other talents, Bill is a great guitar player – he played the signature part in the intro.

Bill brought me in to play a heavy metal guitar part in the bridge, at the request of Michael, who was a fan of some of the big metal bands of that era..

Michael was a pleasure to work with, very easy to talk to, and looked me straight in the eye…

I was fully credited, and indeed when I checked Wikipedia, my credit still stands as “heavy metal guitar”.

Here’s a free video where I teach Bill’s signature guitar part and my bridge guitar part…

I added  a solo that I certainly would’ve played if they had given me the opportunity 🙂

For the full story of that day, the rhythm lesson, the solo lesson, the jam track, and the tabs, click the link and take the 14 day free trial for the master class.

Happy new year!!!

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