Led Zeppelin – Capitol Studios – Fender Princeton

Last night I was driving in rush hour and I got a call from Rob Cavallo. “Please come down to Capitol studio C and overdub!” So I hustled back to my house, grabbed a couple of Les Pauls, my pedal board, and got back on the freeway. capital-records-night-time capital-records-hallway capital-records-studio-c Rob had a Fender Princeton borrowed from Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. I was reminded again that a small amp with an overdrive pedal can sound like a huge Marshall stack. I recorded with my totally beaten and devalued 1968 black beauty Les Paul. fenderprinceton The project is called Rock Mania. It’s a hybrid of Led Zeppelin songs and symphony orchestra. I’ll let everyone know when the record comes out. It’s turning out great! Here are Rob, and Doug McKean listening back. Rob and Doug recorded Green Day’s “American Idiot” and Gary Clark Jr.s “Bright Lights”, along with countless other great rock records. dougcapitalc Here are the YouTube videos from the tracking sessions  earlier this year.

Here’s the link to the 14 day free trial for the masterclass.
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8 thoughts on “Led Zeppelin – Capitol Studios – Fender Princeton

  1. Rick

    Sounded like fun Tim! Often wonder what the original rockers think when they hear their stuff played with orchestra accompaniment. “We really were a big deal…” or “We really are old…” Love the black face amps. Finally had the opportunity to take the steps you’ve described to get a good tone on my Deluxe reverb. I turned it up until it was just breaking up a bit [about 5 or so], then found the sweet spot of your OD pedal– So much different than playing at low volume. Aside from some unwanted string noise, everything else was easier. Thanks for the post.



    Wow! This is definitely the majors for players. I first thought the guy in the studio on the Black Dog recording was being a jerk, but when Tim got pissed he ripped it!

  3. Michael

    I love how at any age we resort back to old school talk when someone is bustin our chops. ” I can f****n play this s**t ” friggin hilarious : )

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