La Grange ZZ Top Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

La Grange ZZ Top Guitar Lesson

This Free Online Guitar Lesson is La Grange with ZZ Top.

ZZ Top and Billy Gibbons were huge influences on me. I discovered them when “Rio Grande Mud” came out and I was just starting to play guitar in 1970. I got to see them support that record at a concert in Albuquerque New Mexico. It was just the band and their Marshall stacks, which, if I remember correctly were renamed “Rio Grande” amps, and outfitted with steer horns. Those of you who remember ‘Tres Hombres‘ – (the album with the song “La Grange” on it), will remember the giant Mexican dinner featured on the entire inside of the album. I actually put the record jacket wide-open on my wall so I could see it every day! Billy Gibbons has always had an amazing ability to say the most with the fewest notes. To this day I continue to try and practice what he preaches!
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61 thoughts on “La Grange ZZ Top Guitar Lesson

  1. Gazza

    Hi Tim,

    I’m a huge fan of yours, and I want to thank you for another great lesson.
    However, I have a problem, and hopefully you or somebody else can help me with it.
    In all of you videos like – Hey Joe, Wind Cries Mary, La Grange etc, there is a Part 2 that normally covers the solo. In your video, you say to “join” to receive access to private videos and lessons. I joined a long time ago, and to get Part2 of the Hey Joe video, I had to rejoin.
    I’m browsing the site now, and I cannot find ANY of the members private videos or lessons. There is no second part of Hey Joe or La Grange etc. Are the video only active via a link in the newsletter? And if so, I’m NOT receiving the follow up link.

    I have once again signed up to the news letter and I will see if it fixes the problem. Is there a direct link or something that I am missing? Any help from you or other members would be much appreciated. BTW – It used to work until the site update a while back.

      1. Gazza

        Fist of all, thanks once again for these lessons. I enjoy them even if I already know the song.
        I would love to see how you approach Jimi Hendrix’s – Bold As Love or Angel, two of Hendrix’s songs that seem to get over looked that have beautiful chord work in them.
        Anyway, it’s wishful thinking as I see you have many other song request.

        OK, this news letter link DID work, my problem is solved. Thank you so much.

        1. Tim Pierce Post author

          Hi Jeff. You get access to all the videos when you sign up to the Newsletter. If you are already signed up just go to the same page. In every Newsletter we put the link in there as a reminder as well. Thanks!

    1. Kenneth Wall

      Yes….Please let me know how you make out with that…I try to follow to part two as well and can’t find it. For example in the Part 1 free lesson on La Grange he says that you can click on a link to more lessons whereby he teaches the lead part of LaGrange….but I can not find that…
      Ken W.

      1. Gazza

        Hi Kenneth,

        I was having the same problem, the link in the newsletter would just hang, it wouldn’y actually take me anywhere. To get around the problem, I had to resign up for the Newsletter each and everytime. The link is working for me now, so it all appears good.

        However, this webpage doesn’t acknowledge that I’ve already signed up, and wants me to sign up each time I visit the website. Maybe that’s just the way it is.

        Just for your information, when my browser was hanging and NOT going to the private section, I disabled my “Adblock plus” and it seemed to fix the problem. I think Adblock was stopping the website from doing what it needed to do.

  2. Michael McLaughlin


    Great lesson – as usual.
    I don’t see a link to the additional subscriber lesson with your breakdown of the leads you were playing. Can you point me in the right direction?

  3. Tom W

    Thanks Tim,

    If I was only allowed to have one song under my fingers to wake up a session it would be this one. All time great rowdy song, immediately known by all at the couple beats of the intro and if there is anyone that doesn’t start moving when this one gets rolling they are probably dead. I have had pieces of this song but never figured out the whole thing. Excellent choice!

    ZZ forever !!!! Tom W

  4. Bob Walcheski

    Tim – awesome lesson! “The Reverend” (BG) has been one of my big influences (among many others Hendrix, Page, Clapton, et al.) primarily because he crafts so much expression with such restraint and economy of notes, yet tasty stylish licks. Your lessons have really opened my overall vision with regard to soloing and improvisation. Seems I am progressing and breaking out of the box and discovering lovely new territory. Love the runs and tasty nuances you play in the La Grange lesson. Thanks so much for what you do!

    BTW – I found your GL album – just beautiful (in the 90’s I couldn’t listen enough to Larry Carlton’s Sleepwalk album) your album brings back those tasteful melodic memories, and more – just great!


  5. Eric Rudd

    Hi Tim,

    Quick observation/question about this lesson. In that first lick….the one that happens three times…it seems like you are missing an additional grace note (probably from the 5 string ‘A,’) that happens before you strike the 4th string G fifth fret with your pinky for the first time? You mention “dropping in” the A in between the licks, but I’m wondering if the rhythm needs a grace note between the 6th time you play the 2nd fret E/A pair and when you do the pinky pull at fret 5?

    Best, Eric

    1. Eric Rudd

      I reviewed the video and answered my own question. You play the open A with your thumb, but I don’t think you actually mention it in your description.

      Learning this makes me want to grow a beard. A very long beard.

  6. jeff

    Tim, Great ZZ Top lesson. Not only are you a great guitar player but a great teacher.

    Question about your website. It keeps asking me to subscribe and I will be able to access more lessons, (like the ZZ Top solo). The thing is, I subscribed quite awhile ago. Are you having any problems with it? I can’t access the other lessons without it.



    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Hi Jeff. It is the same link you were given when you signed up for the newsletter. We also put the link in every newsletter we send out as a reminder to people where to access the videos. Check the last newsletter if you still have issues please send us an email. Thanks!

    1. jeff

      Go to your email inbox and look for the most recent newsletter from Tim. Within the newsletter you will find a link that will take you to the subscriber lessons. (I had the same difficulty until Tim helped me.)


  7. jeff

    Tim, First of all, your lessons are making a big difference in my guitar playing. The way you piece your solos together and keep them moving is tremendous.

    In regards to jamming over a loop, I have the old Jam Man looper and I run it trough the same amp I am playing guitar on. The trouble is that when playing over the loop, (La Grange solo for example) it sounds very muddy and there is no separation of my guitar and the recorded loop. What do you recommend as a solution to this? (run the loop through another amp or are there better loopers out there?)

    thanks very much,


    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Hi Jeff.

      I have what might be a simple fix. Make sure the amp is set clean and that might be simply lowering the volume, then just use pedals for distortion. Hope this helps 🙂

  8. John Mac

    Yes, I also didn’t see the link in the newsletter at first.
    I think I just assumed that once I’d signed up & logged in I’d be able to find it on the main site.
    Now I know the link’s there I can’t believe I couldn’t see it, but I guess sometimes you only see what your looking for lol 🙂

  9. Silvester Nesam

    Hi Tim,

    Learning the whole piece is not going to happen.
    No link for the solo’s.
    I fild in every possible newsletter blog etc. Can you advise?
    Thanx you for all the info.


    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Hi Rob. When you sign up for the newsletter you get a link to the private videos. Please make sure to check your spam folder and if you still have problems please email us. Thanks…

  10. Rob Palfery

    I’ve been a subscriber for a long time, thanks. No problem with the spam folder…I’m just asking, there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not you did a video for the solo to La Grange.
    If you did, I cannot find it.
    Thanks for the site and your time.

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      The link you get when you sign up for the newsletter includes an Extra Video for La Grange. If you need the link again please email us. Thanks…

  11. Chris Centlivre

    Hi Tim,
    I’m making an effort to learn music theory for guitar and understand it from a practical standpoint. So I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate how you make sure to include what’s going on theory-wise as you work through the solo.

    Also, I have to say that I like how you sometimes hold the pick with just your index finger when you’re not playing. That’s a cool trick! It reminds me of Magic Johnson palming a basketball. 😉

    Thanks so much for everything. Learning all that you are so generously putting out is going to make my 2015 a great year. I’m really having a blast with it! Take care!

  12. Nick

    Hi Tim,

    I’m afraid i’m having a problem with the extra solo sections as well, i lost the newsletter email, think i accidently deleted it doh! Is there any way of resending it your end?. I tried resubscribing for the newsletter but it just tells me i’m already a member. I’ve just picked up a 1980 Tokai Les Paul Reborn in black so i’m itching to get stuck into some of those solo’s lol. I guess I’ll get a link with the next newsletter but if you can mail a link in the meantime that would be wonderful.
    Thanks Tim……Nick

  13. Ross

    Hi Tim,

    A belated Happy New to you and yours and may it shine on both you and your family.

    Also, great work and appreciated more than you know, sincerely!

    Tim, I haven’t received your newsletter mid Nov 14 concerning links to the part 2 of your lesson’s (solo’s). I have all your other e-mails so not sure whats happened?

    Could you kindly help me with this please.

    Warm regards,


  14. Ami

    Hi Tim, Thank you for all the lessons. I could not find the solo lesson of LaGrange –I am referring to the lick at 0:42 in above video. I thought I saw it at another video of yours but I just cannot find it. Is it out there?. Thank you. (Also posted in U-Tube)

  15. Thiago Melo

    Hello Tim!!! Here’s a huge fan of yours from brazil!!! Please let us know the set up (which preamp, compressor or eq and the amp) used for that amazing tone… thanks a lot!!!

  16. Marcus Hansen

    Awesome Tim. I love these classic rythm sections and you explosive solos.

    Could you break down the small liick you play around 30 sec into the video. Only thing missing in your breakdown.
    That would much appreciated.

    Much respect.

    Marcus, Denmark

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