Hey Joe Solo Jimi Hendrix Free Online Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

Hey Joe Solo Jimi Hendrix Guitar Lesson

Here’s the second free online guitar lesson video to accompany the Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix lesson. Here I show how to play the entire Hey Joe Solo.

I teach you what scales to use and break down every lick. I also teach you how to use proper Palm Muting, Bending, Sliding, Picking and much more so you can properly learn to play the Hey Joe Solo.

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56 thoughts on “Hey Joe Solo Jimi Hendrix Guitar Lesson

  1. Tim

    Hi Tim

    Thank you for your brilliant videos. You make it really easy to follow.

    I noticed you had the Kemper profiling amp in the background and also previously a Fractal Axe.

    Could you give any advice as to which one is better for recording with.

    I have a great home studio and love recording, but I have to really plan my guitar recording because the amp is too loud. I wonder if one of these devices might be the answer.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    All the best


    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      I just like you am on the fence about which one is better. They are both great. The Kemper seems a little bit easier to use interface wise. I know for a fact that in the world of high level touring the Axe FX is so far the more popular choice 🙂

  2. Ross

    Can’t wait to give it a try. I hope I will be able to master it, although I should, your teaching way is really informative and comprehensive. Thank you. 🙂

  3. davido

    Really happy to this one on the site Tim! Fantastic, Thanks for showing us this solo. EVERYONE recognizes it I think. I love the way you break your lessons down.
    You are the man!

  4. steve

    Hey Joe is my favorite Hendrix tune , you nailed it , feeling and all …..I appreciate the way you teach , very smooth , precise and easy to follow. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with others !…..looking forward to listening and learning more , thanks again!

  5. jim n.

    Tim me and you are the same age I grew up in Redondo Bch., I started playing at 11 my teacher was pretty boring and dry back in the late 60’s so I quit lessons after about 6 months and in Jr high and high school I started learning from friends and by ear, did the garage band thing then getting married and raising 2 kids I didn’t have much time to play I was working so much ( I’m a carpenter by trade now disabled, from back injuries ) so I didn’t play close to 20 years, but I tell you man this past year I started playing again and watching your videos on you tube thanks to Brett and Marty’s sites having you in their videos in turn took me to your site. My learning of songs I always wanted to learn how to play the way they were really played by the artists Jimi for example from you and the simple tips you show like vibrato coming from you wrist not your fingers has brought my playing to a new high, I can’t thank you enough, you are such a mellow cool guy, excellent guitar player / teacher and inspiration I’m back doing what I love, playing the guitar thanks Tim, Jim N.

  6. David Hall

    Love this song ,remember it from a duke box in my Dads cafe.
    Have you a tutorial on Manic Depression its in 3/4 time.
    Great tutoring

  7. Rick

    Hi Tim. Cant seem to find a link to click on for further tuition on the additional solo. You mention in the video click on a link below. cant see a link to click on ha ha..any clues?

    thanks Rick

    1. walker

      some licks are not that easy to navigate but they are there, I’m trying to find the extended extra lick that Tim does at the end of Hey Joe, yes – I’ve subscribed. but still not obvious enough for us oldies!



  8. Chip Elmblad

    Hi Tim.

    I searched all of the lessons here and on youtube and can’t seem to find the 3rd Hey Joe video with the additional (fast) lick you played. Is it available on this site?


    1. Des

      I seem to have this problem as well, I’ve never been able to find the additional material. I am signed up for the newsletter and if I try to do it gain it tells me I’m already signed up….?? Very frustrating.

      Is there something I’m missing?

        1. Doug

          Des –

          Can you give me a clue on finding the additional material. Also signed up for the newsletter, but for the life of me I can’t find the link to the material (or to the newsletter?)?


          1. Tim Pierce Post author

            Hi Doug. When you sign up for the newsletter you get a link to the private videos. Please make sure to check your spam folder and if you still have problems please email us. Thanks…

  9. Newman

    Tim, a great lesson (of course) … just as I was wondering why you use the “second string 14th fret” terminology you got confused yourself (no shame of course when you are rattling off so many combinations). Most of the tutorials on the net seem to use this method, I’m just curious as to why? Is it because the younger generation have been brought up on tabs? (I can’t read them.) I’m curious as to why you don’t call out the notes (which is how I think and see the fretboard).

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Newman wow, that is very much food for thought….I guess I making an assumption that there might be some people at the very beginning who would find it easier at first to just know the fret number and figure number
      Your comment however will forever change how I think about this subject..thanks Tim

  10. Winnie

    OK really hate to say anything other than what an outstanding website and instruction tool you have here- which you do and it is- HOWEVER….. I’m finding it fairly frustrating that I cant readily locate the “bonus” parts for both Hey Joe and Little Wing solos. I’ve searched, found them then cant find them again. Yes I am a registered user etc. Sorry but I need more than one shot at mastering them! Any advice on how to locate these lessons?

    Thank you!

  11. BellaDeluxe

    Hi Tim, fist of all your every things are great about guitar: tone, techniques, spirit… but how can I learn of your solos second part that is amazing !!!

  12. Michael Schiavone

    Hi, Tim. I’ve accessed your 2 videos on Hey Joe. You mention in the guitar solo (2nd video) that there would be additional videos showing the licks you play during the intro to that 2nd video. I really really want to see those particular licks explained and revealed. Where can I access them? I am a subscriber. Thanks, -Mike

  13. Michael Schiavone

    Hi, I did check the FAQ and it says the link is in an email from the site. None of my emails contain the link. Should I assume I will be receiving this in a future email? Thanks a lot!

  14. claude mestres

    I am 66 years old and I started playing the guitar for 5 years, so I have a lot to learn …

    I’m really telling your site to have joined in recent months I have your response on Youtube and I find your course high quality.

    a small question: Hendrix on songs played on Stratocaster with what pulling (9/46) rope you play?

      1. Michael

        Hey Tim,
        Are you using the Elixir POLYWEBS? What set?
        The Super Light are (9-42), model #12000
        the Light are (10-46), model #12050.
        How long are they lasting for you before you feel you need to change them?
        They are pretty pricey, was just wondering if you feel they have great sound and if they last a lot longer then regular strings.
        Thanks for all your great info and help to all…

          1. Michael

            Have you tried the PolyWebs? Because I think they last longer and sound better then the Nano.

        1. Tim Pierce Post author

          Tim uses the Elixir NanoWebs.

          The gauge depends on the guitar.
          on his GJ2 strat he’ll use 9’s
          on his Michael Tuttle Les Paul he’ll use 10’s
          on his Gibson 335 He’ll use 11’s
          so it really depends on which specific guitar he’s using at the moment.


  15. Bill H

    —copied comment from youtube—
    PLEASE!! in the beginning when you play the whole solo, there is a part right before you cut loose at the very end… It looks like you are playing off of a D chord shape at the 7th and 9th fret. That part is so melodic and beautiful! How can I assimilate that into what I know. That is, is it based on the chords being played underneath, or on a scale, or mode?
    THANK YOU. Bill

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Well, those chords were First inversion chords, meaning that the 3rd of the chord is the lowest sounding note.
      These are a great way to lead into other chords. start by getting that shape and lick under your fingers, and make sure you can play it everywhere, then try using it in your solos and playing!

      1. Bill H

        Tim! Thank you! I struggle with where to start my solos. Consequently, I fall back on what I have grooved and they all sound the same. Looking at it again, I can totally hear and see it.
        Cant wait to dig into that deeper. Thanks again!!

  16. John Dingwall

    hi tim,
    love your lessons, but i cant find the extras. im subscribed to the news letter, in fact ive had to do that three time and still cant access them. it asks me to subscribe again and when i do it say im already subscribed. is there something im missing here. the link on the email doesnt work either.
    john d

  17. John

    Hi Tim,

    I’m 57 years old and a drummer by DNA but I’ve picked up the guitar in the last few years and I love playing. I have yet to find anyone online who talks to me like a musician instead of as a student until I happened upon your lessons while rummaging through YouTube one day.

    I really like your style!

    Too many online teachers get too wrapped up in details. Things like”First finger, third fret, second string, second finger second fret” and blah, blah, blah to the point where my head explodes.
    I like that you point out what’s necessary and avoid needless details — it’s like being in a room with other players where someone simply shows me how to play a lick or a riff without getting into the whole history of the guitar.

    Simple is better.

    I found your “Hey Joe” lesson and I was literally playing it in minutes!
    I like that you also don’t “lock in” to any particular phrasing but rather interpret phrasing and encourage viewers to experiment and find THEIR feel for it while being faithful to the tune.

    I’m glad I found your lessons and maybe one day I can get good enough to play out with a few other geezers like me and have some fun!

  18. doon

    Hi Tim,
    great lessons, you are one of my favorite guitarist.
    There is one question I always bothers with , that is a song like “hey Joe ” have cords like E, C,G, D,A ..
    but the leadsolo is only played in E blues. right.
    In other lessons you told that you pick mostly tones from the cords.

    when i try to improvise , i often puzzled if i have to play notes from one scale or pick notes from the cords.?

    please some advise.

    thanks and cheers

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