Tim Pierce Guitar Tone, Amps, Gear with Brett from Papastache

Guitar Tone On A Budget

Here’s a video I did with Brett from Papastache.com where I talk about some of my Guitar Amps and Guitar Tone.

We go through some of my amps and pedals such as my Wizard and Diezel Amp, and some of my Delay, Reverb, and Fuzz pedals and more. I demonstrate playing through them and how to get a good guitar tone. Sign up to the newsletter to get access to more private videos incl. an extra video with the breakdown of the licks I played in the intro. Please leave any comments you may have and I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy!

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24 thoughts on “Guitar Tone On A Budget

  1. Andre Toyonaga

    Hi Everyone. Im sorry maybe it’s a silly question but when Tim says: get a Bassman head, is it means the Fender bassman head?
    Thanx in advance for any reply.
    ps: thanx for the blues beginner licks lesson too, it was great, openned a new chapter for me, having soo much fun here. Thanx

      1. Brian

        Hi Tim, hope you and family are well, and you are keeping busy. Thank you for sharing… On the budget gear video with the Stacheman you described a box with a Celestation speaker. Please clarify, V30 (60W) or Vintage 25 / 30 watt? Also, 3 weeks and jonesing for my ordered custom Mena fish factory, I’m building a Mojotone Bassman BF. We’ll see if I find my Peter Green voice. Funny what’s old becomes new again. Ha, Thanks again

  2. jim n.

    Tim, Great video and info, I have slowly been picking up pedals mostly used stuff I find at guitar center online thats in great shape for a fraction of what they cost new but after you and Brett talking about the line 6 stuff I just ordered a new M5 Stompbox Modeler for $126.00 with tax and 2 day air shipping ( I had a 20% off coupon from them ) I checked it out on youtube first and man that has so many effects built in I would have been crazy not to order it at that price, it will be finally be time to fully awaken my Marshall DSL5C. Thanks again for the awesome help you give on what gear is worth getting when your on a budget not to mention your guitar lessons that are the best on the web. Thank you for being such a cool guy that is an unreal guitar player and teacher who humbly helps us wanting to expand our playing.

      1. jim n.

        Tim The M5 came and man for what you get for the price is amazing, if it wasn’t for you and Brett doing that video I would have kept buying use gear that so far has been fine but what you get in the M5 is unreal, I need the expression pedal for the volume and wah along with other features you can get out of the stompbox not to mention it is true bypass, thank you so much for your knowledge you have shared.

  3. jim n.

    Hi Tim, I was wondering if I could pick your brain a bit when you have some time off between your studio work. I picked up the line 6 M5 and just ordered the EX1 pedal, I have a Hendrix mini fuzz face, a Squier affinity that I put Fender TexMex pups in with Fender 500k split shaft pots with .022 capacitors with the tone pots are wired so they have their own capacitor and not jumped, and the better Fender American Standard string guides ( haven’t broke a high e string now the guides are changed), a Dunlop a JH-1B Hendrix signature wah and my Marshall DSL5C amp that has a ten 30 celestion speaker in it, I know I need to add a couple more pedals but i’m not sure what pedals to get being the M5 has the same effects as the M9 & M13 but I can only use one effect at a time with the M5. how would you set up your M5 and what pedals would you you add to the pedalboard to get the true Hendrix tone I hear when you play in your videos, I can get close but it just seems to be missing something. Any of your help would be very greatful thank you Jim N.

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Hi Jim. when I do a Hendrix video most of my tone comes from the guitar and amp only. The only thing you’re really hearing is the neck pick up on my strat, a little bit of reverb so just choose a spring reverb on the M5 and make sure the amp is not too distorted. You just want a little bit of breakup. No other pedals – no effects. Hope this helps and thanks for being a member 🙂 Thanks Tim!

  4. gregster

    Hey Tim,
    I really liked the video, especially the part, where you change your amps, play a little and talk about their strengths and limits.
    Could you imagine doing such a video for the “usual suspects” of guitars?
    I’d really like to have some insight what you choose which guitar for.

    Thanks for sharing your experience,
    all the best,

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Hi Greg. That is a great idea to do a usual suspects video. I have several great Les Paul’s, but I often use my Tuttle Les Paul because the headstock design plays more in tune. In my job I am required to work extremely fast so with that guitar I spend more time playing and less time tuning. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Stef Maars

    Had a Squire Strat for a while that I didn’t play with much, but since discovering your videos — the Hendrix ones got me started, love them — I’ve been spending many hours with it and been very surprised at how not-bad it actually is. (As I get better at playing, I’ll probably spring for a Fender Strat.) In the meantime, I’ve broken strings and had to change them, learning about, for the first time, string gauges. I put 9’s on and immediately found them a bit light. I searched out what you used and saw that you prefer Elixir Nano Webs but I didn’t see mentioned what gauge you generally prefer on your Strats. By the tone, I’d guess 11’s or 12’s but by the easy bending you do (and I’m taking a complete guess at this), I’d say maybe 10’s or 11’s. Do you have a preference?

    PS: Thanks — very very very much — for the videos and lessons. You’ve upped my appreciation for how fun the guitar can be, by miles.

    1. Stef Maars

      Wish I could edit this comment. The 9’s I have on my SStrat (Rotosound ‘Super Lights’) would be too light for you, I realize. Waiting to break one so I can try the RS 10’s that are on deck. Might have to reset the guitar I know but found a how-to vid that looks thorough.

      Anyway, I am curious what gauge you usually prefer (changing my guess to 11s/12s) if you care to share that one day. Thanks.

      The new Hendrix video – Little Wing – is great but that contortion-stretch moment is a challenge, ya. Not sure I’ll ever get it down solid, but fun trying. Thanks again.

      1. Tim Pierce Post author

        Hi Stef.

        I use 10 through 46 on most guitars because they sound great from Rhythm and Arpeggio work. But, for lead work for the first time in years I’ve started to go back to 9 through 42 or 9 through 46. My hands are simply not strong enough to do a lot of bending with 10’s 🙂



        1. Stef Maars

          Wow. I’m so glad to know that and I can’t thank you enough. Your lessons are the best and you’re an amazing guitar player — you’re SO good — and such a good guitar teacher. I don’t want to gush but … I’ve learned more following your detailed instruction than I ever did, anywhere before. Thanks Tim. Times a million.


  6. jim n.

    I just wanted to do a shout out and thank you to Mrs. Pierce for shooting the videos, I forgot what video it was but I remember Tim saying his wife was behind the camera 🙂 she does a great job. the angles are perfict and it is really easy to see what notes Tim plays.

  7. Mack Truck

    Hi Tim
    Thanks a bunch for your work regarding this great web site!! I am sure everybody appreciate the hard work you are putting in to it.
    I think I saw a video when you mentioned them Skibbe preamps. Is that the 736-5 you are using? Just curious: what mic do you use with that? And while I am at it, do you mind me asking what other mics you use besides the SM57 and Royer 121?

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Mr. Mack funny you should ask, I have a Royer 122V plugged into the Skibbe
      The only other Mike I’m using now is a Sony c 800 ,A rare model that doesn’t have the heatsink …not made anymore
      Thanks so much Tim

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