Grammy Premiere Gig

I made a film with some rehearsal and performance footage from the Grammy Premiere Ceremony gig. It was super fun but hard work, over 70 songs (even though we only got to ever play the first quarter if not the first four bars during the actual awards ceremony) Got to play with my some of my heroes, Dean Parks, Leland Sklar and Vinnie Colaiuta to name a few.

6 thoughts on “Grammy Premiere Gig

  1. Florin

    Hello Tim,
    Really nice gig. I like the masterclass and I bought Making the song too, very good stuff. I’ve seen your sessions with acoustic guitars and they sound very nice. I have a question; What gauge of strings you use on acoustics and how they influence your sound? I like the sound of 12-53 but sometimes they can be a little hard on your fingers and I’m considering changing but I would like to hear your opinion on that

  2. Craig

    Who is the other guitarist behind you? Did different people sit in?
    How did you workout who gets to play lead and who does rhythm, etc?
    Did any of the “celebrity” musicians at the ceremony ask to sit in with the band?
    Thanks, you’re incredible!

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