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I can’t log in to the free videos on your website. On 10/8/2015 I launched a new membership website. If you have a username and password created before this date, it will no longer work. To access my free video membership, sign up for a new membership here: https://timpierceguitar.com/free-video-register/
I can’t remember my password to access the free videos on your website. If you have signed up for my new free membership after 10/8/2015, visit this link to reset your password: https://timpierceguitar.com/forgot-password/
The videos on your website are not playing. Check your internet connection for better video play and quality. If you are using wifi, or on a mobile device, try switching to a computer with a wired internet connection to get the best video playback possible in your area.We embed our videos from Vimeo. There is a known issue with some Vimeo videos and a browser plugin called Privacy Badger. Please view this forum for more information: https://vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:121217
I purchased Making The Song on vimeo but I can’t access the videos. Vimeo requires you to create an account when purchasing a product from vimeo on demand. Make sure you are logged into the account you created, or used, at the time of purchase to access the videos.
I’m trying to download all the videos from Making The Song and its taking a really long time. Downloading a lot of videos all at the same time is hard on an internet connection. The Making The Song Collection seems to be larger than what the Vimeo On Demand service is used to. Try only downloading a few videos at a time and waiting for them to finish before starting to download more. Keep in mind that these videos will always be available on your Vimeo account so you will always have access to them in the future. There are also some good tips in the comment section of the Making The Song page.
I am having trouble purchasing the Making The Song video collection. All purchases made on my Making The Song collection go through Vimeo. We do not receive any purchase information from Vimeo on Demand. If you are having trouble with your purchase, please refer to the Vimeo On Demand FAQ, or contact Vimeo Support (log in to your vimeo account to contact support).
How do I cancel my monthly or yearly master class subscription? To cancel your subscription, log in to your account and click the “View Your Subscriptions” button on the My Account page. There you will be able to see your active subscription and cancel it. Your subscription will be active through the billing cycle, so you will be able to access it until then.
How do I update my credit card? To update your credit card, log into your account and click the “Update Your Card” button on the My Account page. There you will see the details of your current payment method, and you’ll be able to make the changes there. If you need to add a different payment method, click the “Add A New Card” button.
How do I add a new credit card? To add a new credit card, log into your account and click the “Add A New Card” button on the My Account page. There you will be able to add the details of your new card. If you want to update an existing card click the “Update Your Card” button.