Eddie Kramer Tim Pierce Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

Eddie Kramer Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

Eddie Kramer came over for a visit and brought his Edstortion and PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals.

Eddie Kramer Tim Pierce Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

Eddie Kramer Tim Pierce Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

Eddie Kramer brought his new Signature Stompbox Guitar Pedals over to my studio recently. He and his partner, Francesco Sondelli, who is the founder of F-pedals, are creating some great new products. The two pedals I tried were the Phazevibe and the Edstortion. I used my Nash Stratocaster, through my Divided by 13 RSA 23 head, recording through an SM 57 microphone. The mic went straight into a BAE mic pre and then through Apogee converters and into ProTools Eddie Kramer is a very talented, and meticulous producer and engineer. He hires me to play on projects somewhat regularly. I’ve known him for quite some time. You have to go to the Eddie Kramer Website and look at his discography. Every Hendrix record! Five Led Zeppelin records, including Led Zeppelin II, and Houses of the Holy. You’ll see Beatles records, Rolling Stones records, Frampton comes alive… Eddie recorded Woodstock!! Discussing Jimi Hendrix with Eddie is one of the greatest pleasures I’ve ever had. I’m talking to the man whose pictures and name I saw on the records that literally changed my life when I was a kid. If you had told me when I was 12 years old that someday Eddie Kramer would be hiring me to play guitar and that we would be friends, I would have passed out right in front of you… Please check out Eddie’s Facebook Page, and his website, and the F-pedals website. I can tell you firsthand, Eddie is better than ever at recording music and capturing performances.

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4 thoughts on “Eddie Kramer Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

  1. brian

    Hi Tim
    How on earth do you come up with all these great ideas on what to play on every song
    its brillant. When you do live session work do you just wing it or play from knowing before
    hand what to play.

    all the best Brian

  2. Jim N

    That is a cool pedal and to have Eddie building it is even better, what a perfect pedal for playing Jimi’s stuff it has got to be a treat. I have to tell you Tim I have learned a ton from you this past year, I can’t thank you enough and your lessons are the best, you make them so easy to follow it’s made playing the guitar again a great experience. PS thanks for the castles made of sand video (and all the rest) I tried learning it from other people on YouTube but it just fell into place when I watched your video. A grateful viewer Jim N.

  3. Ray

    Not presuming in the least to answer for Tim but imo it’s like this.
    As an example I will use a good auto mechanic who can identify what is wrong with an engine simply by listening to it.
    Similarly with sound knowledge of music a musician will know what will work and what will not work in most any musical arrangement.
    Secondly the musician must know his instrument of choice. In this case Tim knows exactly where and how to get to the notes on his instrument of choice, the guitar.
    The third piece to the puzzle is the individual and his intuition.
    I guess there would be a fourth piece which would be the musicians awareness of the market place at any given time. As session musicians go he/she has to be au courant on the style of music that is popular
    and commercially successful.
    These things take Tim to where he needs to go during a session.
    That’s about as deep as I can take it. Look forward to more thoughts / opinions.

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