Professional Sounding Guitar Parts Recording Lesson Papastache

Creating Professional Sounding Guitar Parts

In this video with Papastache I go through my process of recording Professional Sounding Guitar Parts.

I go through a song a show how I approach various Recording Techniques and Guitar Parts. I also talk about considerations for Vocal Melodies and how to play and build Rhythm Guitar that compliments the song. I also show you how to have an overview of the different parts so you can nicely compliment all the other instruments, and where to be considered in the mix. Please leave any comments you may have and I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy! I also have more lessons on my Lessons Playlist: You can find more videos as well on Brett’s YouTube channel at

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10 thoughts on “Creating Professional Sounding Guitar Parts

  1. chas

    Watching Tim make guitar parts come alive and mesh like it was meant to be is such a treat…I know Brett is on the side with his eyes wide! Tim is just such a surgeon isn’t he…..

  2. Leonard Cichowski

    Tim, thank you for the videos and insights to your professional life. I was so intrigued by your session videos that I went out and found a copy of “Guitarland”. Not sure how I missed it the first time around……such a wonderful collection of guitar work. You really nailed “playing with emotional content from the heart” with “One Desire”. That song strikes a chord in my soul on so many levels. It has become a background soundtrack to memories of my life experiences. Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your love of music and guitars with those of us afflicted with the same addiction.

  3. Jack

    Hi Tim,

    Hey, last week I was working with your videos where you were putting 4 parts together to teach Blues licks…..Can’t find them now….

    Could you tell me where they are?

    Thanks, much appreciated…..

  4. Dave Cooper

    Hi Tim
    thanks for doing this. It really helps!
    I have a PRS McCarty and a Bogner Line 6 tube amp.
    How would you suggest getting the gutar part into the computer? Do you mic up your amp or do you put a line in XLR or do you ever use digital amps? Thanks

  5. Jack

    Awesome, Thanks Tim,


    I am working on a couple of riffs you showed as a guest on another YouTube channel.

    The one thing that spoke volumes to me was that I noticed that as you were being introduced, you were fingering riffs or scales or something. It showed that there is still ways of practicing even in “down” times…..You are showing the way my friend without saying a word…lol

    I will say it again and will continue till I drive you crazy…lol…But I so much await for a full lesson course to come out. Just the two weeks I have been working on your stuff my guitar playing has grown by leaps and bounds, so much that my appetite grows:)

    You’r the best!

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Hi Jack. I’m so happy that you’re inspired to play the guitar. I’ve always felt that it was great to practice while watching TV. However, wives and girlfriends don’t always appreciate that 🙂 Thanks for being a member Jack!

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