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Vimeo Playback Speed

Vimeo now supports playback speed options for embedded videos,      here’s a quick demonstration. THANKS!

Episode 101 excerpt – 5 Quick Tricks

Here is an excerpt from episode 101 of the Masterclass . . .  

Grammy Premiere Gig

I made a film with some rehearsal and performance footage from the Grammy Premiere Ceremony gig. It was super fun but hard work, over 70 songs (even though we only got to ever play the first quarter if not the first four bars during the actual awards ceremony) Got to play with my some of my heroes, Dean Parks, Leland Sklar and Vinnie Colaiuta to name a few.

Looking Back / My Part on Black or White / My Day with Michael Jackson

A number of years ago I got to play a guitar part on the song “Black or White” and spend a fine afternoon with Michael Jackson. I had just finished an amazing record with Pat Leonard’s “Toy Matinee” -produced by Bill Bottrell. A few months later Bill was in the studio recording, producing and co- writing the song “Black or White” with Michael Jackson. Among his other talents, Bill is a great guitar player – he played the signature part in the intro. Bill brought me in to play a heavy metal guitar part in the bridge, at the […]

Led Zeppelin – Capitol Studios – Fender Princeton

Last night I was driving in rush hour and I got a call from Rob Cavallo. “Please come down to Capitol studio C and overdub!” So I hustled back to my house, grabbed a couple of Les Pauls, my pedal board, and got back on the freeway. Rob had a Fender Princeton borrowed from Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. I was reminded again that a small amp with an overdrive pedal can sound like a huge Marshall stack. I recorded with my totally beaten and devalued 1968 black beauty Les Paul. The project is called Rock Mania. It’s a hybrid […]

New Blog Post! My Amazing Teacher

Hi everyone, I’m starting a new blog and i’m super excited to share it with you! My only training as a guitarist was from age 12 to 14, with an amazing teacher named Steve Maase. Here’s a photo of Steve. He passed away on October 1st. Steve taught me in this small building just a few blocks from my home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was not only a teacher but a mentor, and always cared for his students. The teaching was brilliant but he also took the time to make sure that his students were doing ok in all […]

Eddie Kramer Tim Pierce Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

Eddie Kramer Edstortion PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals

Eddie Kramer came over for a visit and brought his Edstortion and PhazeVibe Guitar Pedals. Eddie Kramer brought his new Signature Stompbox Guitar Pedals over to my studio recently. He and his partner, Francesco Sondelli, who is the founder of F-pedals, are creating some great new products. The two pedals I tried were the Phazevibe and the Edstortion. I used my Nash Stratocaster, through my Divided by 13 RSA 23 head, recording through an SM 57 microphone. The mic went straight into a BAE mic pre and then through Apogee converters and into ProTools Eddie Kramer is a very […]

Session Guitarist Tim Pierce Home Studio

Session Guitarist Tim Pierce Home Studio

Session Guitarist Tim Pierce and his Home Studio Setup. I look back on this Home Studio Video and I’m amazed how much time has passed, but I am also grateful for what I’ve been able to do on YouTube in the last year and a half. This was the first day I ever met Marty Schwartz. I had known Brett Papa and Brett convinced Marty to make the drive up here and do a Home Studio Video for YouTube. Marty and Brett were heroes of mine on YouTube and the fact that I made friends with them was sort […]

Danny Collins Al Pacino Imagined Movie Band Cast

Danny Collins Movie Al Pacino Trailer

Danny Collins New Movie with Al Pacino. About a year ago I got called for a session done at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood. The session was for Producer Don Was and some sort of a film related project. When I got there I learned that Al Pacino would be joining us and that we were doing songs for a movie, where he was starring as a very famous singer. Al turned out to be a very engaging person, very nice, an absolutely fearless actor, and in this particular situation, portraying a singer in a new movie called Danny Collins. […]

Studio Guitar Recording with Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty Guitar - Tim Pierce Guitar

Black Beauty Gibson Les Paul Studio Guitar Recording

Studio Guitar Recording with a Les Paul Black Beauty. Here’s a song I did, with a Black Beauty vintage guitar that I got a year ago. The guitar is a Gibson Black Beauty Les Paul from 1969. This guitar sounds amazing but it is been devalued extensively with a kind of sloppy refret and a fixed broken neck. John Shanks owned the guitar and he was selling it. At the time I was working on X factor playing guitar for John (which is a privilege in itself), and because the guitar at these issues I was able to get […]