Brian Reeves Recording Session with Tim Pierce

Brian Reeves Recording Session

Brian Reeves is a great Mixer, Producer and Engineer.

Brian Reeves Recording Session with Tim Pierce

Brian Reeves Recording Session with Tim Pierce

Brian Reeves often mixes and records music for videos. Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Megan Nicole and Miley Cyrus are some of his artists. He brought over a new songwriter named Josh Gottesman. He and Josh wanted a simple melodic approach. I used a ’58 reissue Les Paul, with my Divided by 13 Amp, a little delay and Tremolo.

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12 thoughts on “Brian Reeves Recording Session

  1. davegiraldo

    Hi Tim, I am a huge fan of yours from Chicago, l am also a session guitarist, wanting to be like you some day. To some of us it takes years to acquire the gear that you own. So I would like to ask you, if you were in a position where you couldn’t afford all the boutique amps, would you consider getting an emulation unit like the Kemper Profiler or the Axe Fx 2? if so which one would you pick? Thanks for inspiring us!

  2. Kayo

    Hey Tim, really glad to see a new video of you working and once again it demonstrates your tasteful mastery!! And as a bonus I get a look at your 58 Paula, oh man, I do love these guitars though it always gives me asting in the heart cause it reminds me of the only Les Paul I erver owned, which met a reaaly awful fate back in 1985 (hmm, not quite like 1958). All the bass-t from kayo

  3. Don M

    Glad to find your site Tim, been a fan since I bought “Guitarland” in a used record store on Reseda Blvd in 95′. I wore that thing out and told everybody about it. I need to dig it out of my pile of CD’s I refuse to get rid of and give it a listen again.

  4. Bruno Levesque

    Hey Tim,
    What great “whales” introduction at 1:06 ! Absolutely grandiose as usual. Can’t stop listening over and over…
    You’re a magician
    All the best from France 🙂

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