Blues Rock Guitar Soling over Chord Changes Tim Pierce Papastache

Blues Rock Guitar Soloing Over Chord Changes

Blues Rock Guitar Soloing Over Chord Changes – with Brett Papa.

Here’s a video about Blues Rock Guitar Soloing over Chord Changes with Brett Papa and myself playing a pair of killer GJ2 Guitars. The guitars were loaned to me for a few weeks by Grover Jackson himself! Grover Jackson is a guitar making legend and his new company is making the best guitars of his career. In this video I demonstrate my approach to playing Major Pentatonic Guitar Soloing over Rock Chord Changes. I learned this kind of playing from my LP collection of the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Poco and The Eagles etc. These days it’s still alive and well and all over country radio on songs by artists like Florida Georgia Line, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean and lots of others. I play freely and go in and out of landing on notes that are the intervals that make up the chords. What ends up happening is a style of loose Blues Rock interspersed with melodies that basically sing over the chord changes. It was fun to break a string!! Hope you enjoy this Blues Rock Guitar Soloing Over Chord Changes Video!
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2 thoughts on “Blues Rock Guitar Soloing Over Chord Changes

  1. Kenny

    Hi Tim!

    This message may seem to be too long and boring to read but I think its content has value for your viewers and students.

    Thank you for your incredibly great video lessons and session work. I’m amazed how everything sounds great and fluent. You are my nr 1 online teacher at the moment.

    In a video with you and Brett “Papastasch” you mentioned that you see chords and scales all over the fretboard. It’s one of the videos where you’re soloing over different chords. I’m starting to implement different shapes using the CAGED system för major chords and other shapes for minor chords. I’m constantly trying to be aware about the chord that’s playing in the background while playing lead, but it’s really tough to find a suitable shape for a new chord on the spot.

    I’d like to know how you find every chord in various keys all over the fretboard. What are the shapes you are using for each chord and how are the notes related? What’s your strategy and how do you practice to find each chord shape and solo over it?

    You are actually explaining this just briefly in some videos, but I think a video or series of videos explaining this would help students like myself to advance forward into another level of playing.

    Keep on rockin’

    Regards from Sweden.

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