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Blues Guitar Lesson Soloing Over Chords 1

Here’s my first free online blues guitar lesson I did with Brett from

I teach you how to improvise and how to play over a progression that goes: E – G# – C#mi – F# – B – A – E using scales and arpeggios. There are some scale changes that happens as the G# and F# sub-dominants and changes some of the notes in the scale. We incorporate Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales in various ways to fit over the chords. This is an intermediate level guitar lesson to learn to play blues and solo. Enjoy and feel free to leave any comments below!
I also have more lessons on my Lessons Playlist: You can find more videos as well on Brett’s YouTube channel at

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20 thoughts on “Blues Guitar Lesson Soloing Over Chords 1

  1. Jeff Barrier

    I enjoyed this lesson thoroughly. What a treat to have such an accomplished and talented guitarist as yourself make the effort to create a teaching site like this. I look forward to viewing the rest of you videos and to seeing what you post in the future. Thank you!

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Try refreshing the page there might have been a glitch. Sign up for the new Newsletter and you will get the link through the system. Thanks

  2. LPTaylor

    Well Tim, I’m hooked! This was one of my first lessons with you and I am so pleased I found you! I have watched many of your videos now and wanted to tell you that your abilities to play and teach give intermediate players hope that we can improve! I’ve been a fan of Papa, Marty Schwartz and Justin Sandercoe for a long time and am so glad you are in the mix! Thanks for your outstanding work- as you can tell, your subscribers and viewers sincerely appreciate you! Thanks again and take care!

  3. Daniel mckenna

    Hello tim , awesome lessons! Was wondering if you could teach the whole solo you did with papastache- think it was labeled blues soloing over chords and you were using a white guitar. The last 30 sec of the solo is sooo cool would love to know how to play it

  4. Asael Contreras

    Unbelievable! I’m 68 years old and after giving up guitar playing for over 20 years, I’m finally inspired to play again. Thanks Tim, you don’t know how much I appreciate your lessons and the styles you cover. They are right down my alley. Keep on Rockin’

    Jay (Asael)

  5. steve

    Dear Tim,

    Just want to thank you (and Brett) very much for giving your time and sharing your knowledge.
    It’s a privilege to receive lessons from you and for me it makes the internet a worthwhile place to visit.
    You are very much appreciated.

    All the best.


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