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Back In Black Guitar Lesson

Back in Black is one of my all-time favorites, it was originally recorded in 1980.

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[/alert] Amazingly it still sounds modern, and I think that’s because everything is simple, no gimmicks. In the 80s so many guitar players drenched their sounds with effects, me included..!! But the sounds that stand the test of time are generally pure guitar and amp sounds, I believe AC/DC always kept it pure. For Back In Black, I try to hit the guitar in a particular way with my right hand. I would describe it as a light touch but a strong snap from the wrist. It’s the same technique that probably works best for golf or tennis. The bridge riff section is actually incredibly hard to play, it’s a great exercise! Definitely check the original recording out on headphones so you hear the incredible power of one guitar on the right and one guitar on the left. I learned that these guitars were recorded with Neumann U67 and U87 microphones. The amps were simple Vintage Marshalls with 412 cabinets. The thing that blew me away is that I learned that Angus Young recorded his guitar wireless in the studio with the legendary Shaffer-Vega Diversity System. They liked the way the wireless system colored the mid range. There is a reissue of that system called the Schaffer Replica. To access the Back In Black Extra Video please Signup for the Newsletter below. Also, as a thank you to all the people that have become members of this site there is a Back in Black Outtakes Video and Jam Track Available! The Back in Black Outtakes Video contains various Solos I recorded, and the content will be available below when you are signed in. We are very excited about our partnership with D’Addario. They have been developing Clip On Tuners for a long time and tirelessly improving them. This one is the best in every way! Thanks for all your support and I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I do making them!!! If you want to make suggestions for the next Free Online Guitar Lesson | How To Play Guitar Video please write it in a comment below.
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58 thoughts on “Back In Black Guitar Lesson

      1. Robin

        Hi Tim,

        wonderful lesson – I can’t seem to find the private Video explaining your approach to the back in black solo anymore? Am I just too dumb too find it? I diid find the great outtake svideo though

        Keep up the inspiring posts please – I always take something with me for my playing – it’s just so great

  1. Stan

    It’s incredible to me that, no matter how many passes you took at the solo, it never sounded like noodling. It’s always, ALWAYS so musical. Bravo!

  2. Cris Mitchell

    Awesome Lesson!
    I always underestimate the complexity of what is actually going on under the hood in an AC/DC tune.
    Thanks for breaking it down and making it manageable.


  3. Bill Marten

    Brilliant lesson as always, Mr Pierce, I’m learning so much from these. Thank you.
    My question is about right hand picking – you always appear to have the ideal up/down choice for the licks you play, usually ending on a down-stroke – is this because you’ve learned the licks with that exact right hand approach, or do you have some ‘low level’ rules you always use when riffing, that result in the right choice of up & down automatically? E.g. always favour an upstroke on the top e string?

  4. Tom Koehorst

    Hi Tim,
    Really loved this one, aspecially when I see the fun you are having with the solo part(s).
    Have you ever made some songs of your one? Would love to here them.

    best regards,

  5. Brad

    Excellent lesson. Thanks for taking the time to put these clips together.

    As a HIWATT fan I’d really like to see a video of you playing through that amp.

  6. Bob Walcheski


    Happy Easter. As always, love your lessons. Your approach and instruction, especially with regard to improvisation and rhythm fill/layering techniques has really opened up the dimensions of entire fretboard to me. Learning, understanding and applying this musical creativeness has been of great benefit. Sincere thanks for your site and for passing along your immense musical knowledge!

  7. Tobias

    I really just wanted to say thank you for making these videos! They are very helpful (I especially enjoyed the ones about recording) and I love your teaching style as much as I love your playing style!

    So, once again: Tim, thank you very much for taking the time and for sharing all this knowledge, it is very much appreciated!


  8. Geno Mears


    It’s great that someone of your acumen and skill compliments the complexity of riffs by bands that are often thought of as simplistic. Thanks for the thorough and respectful way you treat these lessons. Well done!

  9. Jim Nicol

    Thanks for another awesome lesson Tim, now I know how to play back in black the correct way and it sounds so much better than the way I learned it about a year ago As always love your videos and love it when you get the Black Les Paul out .

  10. David Costa

    Hi Tim. Awesome lesson, like always!
    Here are two suggestions for future lessons: Highway to Hell or You shook me all night long. Just like in the “Hendrix series”, if I can call the two lessons a series, I think it would be interesting to learn a little bit more about Angus’ style, but with your twist, which takes the whole thing to another level, with all due respect to Angus.
    Maybe a second Page lesson?

  11. Paul Winger

    Hi Tim,
    Last night I was looking at your breakdown of the solo you played with the BIB video. I guess I just lucked out because now I can’t find it- What am I doing wrong
    Thx Paul

  12. Fred Gibbons

    You haven’t made a bad/boring video yet Tim! Always look forward to watching you “work” haha. Was that the RSA 23 in this lesson? I remember you saying it was your desert island amp and it could even pull off a Marshall sound. If this was the RSA, it nailed it. Thanks again for taking the time to share your gift =)

  13. Harald

    Hi Tim,
    thanks for this great lesson again! I especially like the solo outtakes, great to hear your cool solo on this classic ACDC track!
    My suggestion for future lessons: How about some lesson for Gary Moore (don’t know if you did already some?). Maybe a lesson for some not so well known track, like Umbrella Man from the 2008 “Bad for you Baby” album? πŸ™‚
    Thanks, Harald

  14. Jim Johnson

    I am in awe of your artistry as a musician and teacher and really appreciate how you can boil things down to a level that can benefit even a rank beginner such as myself. I have a question that I hope you can find the time to answer: You recently did a review of Veillette Guitars with Eric Berdan. What is the tune you play at 1:49 to 2:37 which is so familiar and is driving me nuts trying to remember the artist and the record. Thanks so much for what you do.

  15. mark

    Hi Tim…by far and away the best tute I have seen on this classic song…I already have it down 50%…but this will take it to a new level…I reaaly like the way and pace of how u explain things….next request…whole lotta love…led zepp…please. cheers mark

  16. Peter

    Very cool, I’m a little slow with my thanks as I’m too busy rocking this one, many thanks Tim loving some good old Aussie rock…showing my age but I well remember AC/DC playing regular gigs around the pubs in Sydney with Bon on vocals, boys did alright.

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      George, I barely have time to do these videos in the first place, so the future is a great big unknown, thanks so much the question, Tim

    2. Tim Pierce Post author

      Oh and I am using my divided by 13 head through before 12 cabinet with the Celestion vintage 30 speaker,I have an MXR microamp in front of it. Real amp real speakers

  17. David

    Thanks again for a great,easy to follow lesson Tim. I always seem to take something more out of your lessons than just learning an particular song. Your easy pace is great for my older mind to take in:)

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