All Along The Watchtower Jimi Hendrix Solo Guitar Lesson Tim Pierce

All Along The Watchtower Solo Guitar Lesson Jimi Hendrix

All Along The Watchtower Solo Guitar Lesson Jimi Hendrix.

Here’s a super short free online guitar lesson where, I teach how to play my favorite solo lick from All Along the Watchtower. Then I immediately blast into my own solo that is very heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix. I’m using my Bill Nash Stratocaster with Lollar Pickups, and I have a little delay going from my Eventide Eclipse. As usual I’m using the Custom Audio Electronics Dunlop Boost/Line Driver Pedal into my Divided by 13 RSA 23. I made a little backing track with some acoustic guitars panned hard left and right, and I then tripled the acoustic part with my old Guild 12 string panned up the middle. That made it sound a little more like the original record, where the 12 string acoustic is heavily represented. To access the All Along The Watchtower Extra Video free lesson, please Signup for the Newsletter below. Also, as a thank you to all the people that have become members of this site there is an All Along The Watchtower Solos Outtakes Video Available! The content will be available below when you are signed in. Hope you like it!
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21 thoughts on “All Along The Watchtower Solo Guitar Lesson Jimi Hendrix

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Harrison, I’m on the run and cannot answer this properly, if you study my videos you can pretty much see every piece of gear I use.
      Thanks so much for the question, Tim

    2. Tim Pierce Post author

      Harrison, I use pro tools, and I have a friend program drums with addictive drums, I play bass and guitars……
      Thanks! Tim

  1. Michael Adams

    Thank you, Tim. Another great lesson.

    I know this is the Holy Grail of Tone question, but can you give a few pointers/tips/equipment ideas to get the Hendrix tone you use?

    Thank you,

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Michael it’s simple, Neck pick up on a decent strat, MXR microamp for extra gain, and set your amp for medium break up. Add a little reverb and you’re good to go, thanks Tim

  2. Jeff S.

    Really enjoyed this min-lesson Tim. I’m a newbie here and like others have already said, you really do make your lessons accessible and entertaining. Any chance of breaking down one of your outtakes at some point? Would love to see you explain how you tackle those “Red House” bends.

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      Jeff, I’m so glad you enjoy the stuff, i’m just too busy..apologies, wish I could do it all
      Thanks for the comment , Tim

  3. David Evans

    Hi Tim –

    Great website, excellent tutorials. I’m really having fun going though the site and checking everything out. You may remember me, I hired you once to play on a jazz record many years ago. You absolutely smoked it. Its still fun to listen to those performances.

    I have never found a correct tutorial for Hendrix’s “Freedom”. “Freedom” is one of my all-time favorites, and I’ve been struggling to figure it out for years. I saw you play a little of the opening and dammit you got it right. Can you give us a full tutorial on the song? Its got a lot of very cool intricate over dubbed rhythm parts. I did produce a band once and I requested they cover the song. They did an OK job, but it did not swing like Jimi’s. Without that swing it just doesn’t work.

    So, I know you’re a busy guy and tutorials take time to create. But if you would consider it, I know there’s lots of people that would love it. There are many “Freedom” tutorials on YT and they’re all wrong. There’s even one from a well known guitar magazine – and its wrong too.

    Cheers and well done on the website,

    David Evans

    1. Tim Pierce Post author

      David, I love freedom also, i’m going to be doing short tutorials in the future, perhaps I can at least teach the main riff. Thanks for the comment, Tim

      1. David Evans

        Very much looking forward to it Tim. Maybe in time for the arrival of my new Strat which I’m getting from our mutual friend E.K. lol.

  4. Joseph Calabrese

    Once again, You’ve left me a better player than I was before watching your Hendrix lessons. I dont think Jimi himself could have played this as clean and fluent as you. THANKS as always and keep it coming..

  5. Chris


    I am genuinely grateful for the insight and lessons your provide. I would be really fantastic if you could just take 30 seconds and add to your video a very simple overview of the rhythm chords for your lessons. I know there are 100 lessons that show All Along the Watchtower, but it’s not a song I play on a daily basis. If folks can’t quickly get your chord run through, then they are probably not ready for your lead lessons.

    Thank you again, jump up on my chair when I see you have a new post


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